Many individuals questions the reality of hypnosis and do not believe it is possible to be hypnotised.

  • This is purely down to their lack of knowledge and understanding of what is hypnosis.

  • Also, many people have preconceived ideas about hypnosis and may also have a fear of the unknown, or a fear that they may loss control and reveal their darkest secrets under hypnosis, therefore preventing them from entering trance.

  • You will find that some people are very open to being hypnotised and others are not.

  • Also many people are curious, and some sceptical that they cannot be hypnotised.

  • Open minded, creative and intelligent people tend to be the best hypnotic subjects.

A number of factors will influence the success of an induction, these include:

  • Concentration

  • Prestige

  • Expectation

  • Motivation

  • Imagination

  • Other unknown factors

There are several things to go through with your client to prepare them for going into a trance.

These include:

  • Misunderstandings

People often misunderstand the nature of hypnosis.

Some may worry about not waking, others about losing control.

  • Hypnosis is not sleep

While the body enters a state very much like sleep, the mind is very awake

  • Expectation of amnesia

Your clients will remember only what it is important for them to remember.

  • Will-power

That your client can be hypnotised does not indicate that they lack will-power.

They will never be subordinate to the will of the hypnotherapist.

  • Fear of dominance

You are forming a collaborative partnership with your client.

The object of this partnership is to help your client attain as deep a trance as they need to achieve their aims.

If your client is resisting the induction, it could be for any of a number of reasons.

These are the most common:

  • Inadequate preparation

You may not have prepared your client (or yourself) adequately.

  • Fear of hypnosis

Your client may be afraid of going into trance.

  • Fear of failure (over-anxiousness)

Your client may be too anxious about the possibility of not going into trance.

This will prevent them relaxing enough to go into trance.

  • Fluctuating attention

You may not be holding your client’s attention.

  • The need to prove superiority

Your client may feel that hypnosis is a battle of wills, and that they must win the battle and prove their superiority to you by resisting your attempts to take them into trance.

  • Defiance

Your client may not genuinely want to achieve what they claim to want.

  • Dislike of a particular method

Your client may simply dislike the method you are using with them.

  • Physical discomfort

Your client may be uncomfortable.

You may be uncomfortable

So in answer to the question 'Does it really work?', yes it does work and if it doesn't work it will normally be down to one of the above factors.

  • You can overcome these factors by properly preparing yourself and your client.

  • You will later learn techniques that will prove to you and your clients that hypnosis is real and it does work.

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