Online Hypnotherapy Master Classes

Online Hypnotherapy Master Class Courses



Our master classes are open to all students and will appeal to those seeking additional knowledge and training, or those wanting to fulfil Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. The International College of clinical hypnotherapy practitioners offers a comprehensive selection of online hypnotherapy courses and master classes in specialist subject areas. Our award winning courses are ideal for those wanting to add to their existing knowledge and skills as hypnotherapists.

What Students Can Expect From Our Master Classes

Our Master Classes are on our online education platform that lets anyone learn from the best professionals in the field. Our courses are instructor-driven, which means when you take a master class from one of our tutors, you aren’t learning some textbook approach to the subject, you’re learning the unique way to understand and apply the theory and practical techniques, which you can use in practice. You learn about the processes, the way they are developed over the years, and what theoretical frameworks are applied, as well as the specific techniques that you can use.
Our Master Classes offer students a chance to get inside the mind of an experienced professional who’s spent years practising their craft at the absolute highest level. Our students (hopefully) leave our classes with new perspectives and increased confidence, but more importantly they come away with concrete steps they can put into action right away to get better at what they do.
Integrating Mindfulness & Hypnotherapy (Online)

This distance learning Integrating Mindfulness with Hypnotherapy master class introduces the practice of mindfulness and the Mindfulness Based Stress

Individual Price £125.00
Treating Weight Related Disorders (Online)

This distance learning online delivered master class includes every aspect of hypnotherapeutic treatments of weight related disorders.

Individual Price £125.00
Smoking Cessation (Online)

This distance learning online delivered master class includes every aspect of hypnotherapeutic smoking cessation, including live video of classroom teaching sessions

Individual Price £125.00
Hypnotherapy Practice Management (Online)

This distance learning online delivered master class includes all aspects of setting up and managing a hypnotherapy practice. It includes live video of the classroom teaching sessions, course notes and resources

Individual Price £125.00
Delivering e-Therapy Online Master Class

This masterclass is designed to provide practising therapists the knowledge to effectively provide therapeutic interaction and consultations with their clients through digital delivery modes

Individual Price £125.00