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Whether you wish to invest in a new career as a Mind Body Health Hypnotherapist - add to, and/or, upgrade your clinical hypnosis knowledge - develop additional clinical or therapeutic skills, or simply further your own self-development - ICCHP UK (London) presents to you the best value for money award winning hypnotherapy courses and the most comprehensive and robust hypnotherapy training available anywhere.



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ICCHP hypnotherapy courses 2023 awards
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ICCHP hypnotherapy training courses 2023 awards


The ICCHP - An Exciting Evolution in Mind Body Health

We offer classroom based hypnotherapy courses in London, Manchester and Leeds UK. Hypnotherapy classroom based training courses are also taught worldwide in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. All of which you can join anytime! The multi award winning International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioners (ICCHP) courses are recognised in the UK, Europe, Asia, USA and internationally. We provide a range of professional mind body health courses, in the classroom as well as online.

Our classroom based hypnotherapy training courses, online courses & master classes enable ICCHP students to become a certified hypnotherapist, with a professional qualification recognised worldwide. With  a comprehensive selection of certified hypnotherapy training courses on offer, you will be able to find the best course for you, suitable for your own professional and/or personal interests & needs.


Expert Hypnotherapy Training Providers


With over 5000 students globally, enrolled on our courses, the ICCHP are established expert providers of online and classroom based hypnotherapy training. The ICCHP team were selected and have been instrumental in the successful implementation and delivery of online clinical hypnotherapy training to over 2000 UK medical school students during the past four years The ICCHP has also been consistently voted for multiple awards in 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023. Our Practitioner Diploma Course is the only independently validated Vocational Level 6 Hypnotherapy training course and has been voted as the most comprehensive hypnotherapy course.


Defining & Exceeding Future

Professional Standards


ICCHP courses meet and exceed all of the major recognised professional bodies and accreditation agencies, so students and graduates can be assured of the highest quality learning, standards and qualifications. Our courses have the highest professional recognition and the most validation/accreditation awards



British Psycological Centre


International Hypnosis Association



  ICC Hypnotherapy


hypnotherapists association




Skills For Health

NOS Hypnotherapy


Our fully Integrative Evidence-based Hypnotherapy training is defining the standards for future hypnotherapists and providing a real evolution in the profession. Our students and graduates can extend their knowledge, skills and professional practice by becoming Integrative Mind Body Health Practitioners, a new career pathway exclusive to the ICCHP.

ICCHP Student Graduate Testimonials



Whether in classroom or through our online student learning portal, we endeavour to make learning therapeutic clinical hypnosis fun and simple


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PDHyp Graduate Manchester, UK

My training at ICCHP has been invaluable and I finally feel I have the proper training to work with clients. I had trained as a hypnotherapist for 2 years prior to coming to ICCHP with a reputable school and I developed good skillful means. But I didn’t really know what I was doing. The support offered at ICCHP is endless and the growth as an individual has been worth every penny. This is the most comprehensive program and it really does deliver!
hypnotherapy practitioner



PDHyp Graduate London, UK

Good solid, evidence based teaching from experienced, knowledgeable teachers. Practice and theory are taught in a friendly, supportive and generous manner. Fantastic place to learn at, great group to practice with.
hypnotherapy practitioner



PDHyp Graduate London, UK

With previous experience as a student in hypnotherapy training, I came to this course with a view that most providers would be similar in terms of content and quality of delivery etc, however I may have been too early in my judgement. The course is not just about achieving the required qualification, but to grow in confidence as you are learning, enjoying the process and at the same time using relevant examples and proven evidence-based techniques. I am in no doubt that this is the best hypnotherapy training available - comprehensive content, excellent delivery plus ongoing resource availability and support.



Become More Than Just A Hypnotherapist

Become a Certified Integrative Mind Body Health Practitioner


Mind Body Health Practitioner

 An Evolutionary New Career Path from the ICCHP

ICCHP graduates are not only fully recognised hypnotherapists, they are Integrative Mind Body Health Practitioners, utilising a range of treatment modalities which include: hypnotherapy; psychotherapy; mindfulness based approaches; neurolinguistic programming (NLP); personal and professional development coaching and other complementary health modalities. As Integrative Mind Body Health Practitioners, ICCHP graduates stand out from the rest, offering clients a full range of mind body health treatments.

Become a Registered, Recognised Practitioner



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2024 London UK Hypnotherapy Classroom Practise Dates

*No Need to Wait - Start Your Training Online Now

*Join the Upcoming Scheduled Module Practise Classroom Dates Below

*Attend Either Live In-person, or via Live Streamed On-line As Often As You Want (No Extra Fees)

*Accumulate Your Required Face to Face Training Hours As and When You Are Ready

*Each Practise Module is Stand Alone, So No Need to Complete Them in Chronological Order



2024 Course Module Practice Dates
Join Our Current Classroom Certification Course
In-person or Live Streamed




Introduction to Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

(23 - 24 March 2024)

Introduction to Hypnotherapy Practice

(6- 7 April 2024)

Behavioural Hypnotherapy Practice

 (20 - 21 April 2024)

Psycho-dynamic Hypnotherapy Practice

(18 - 19 May 2024)

Indirect & Conversational (Erickson) Hypnotherapy Practice

(1 - 2 June 2024)

Applied Hypnotherapeutics

(15 - 16 June 2024)



Advanced Hypnotherapy Practice

(6 - 7 July 2024)

Advanced Hypnotherapy Application

(27 - 28 July 2024)

Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy Practice

(17 - 18 August 2024)

Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy Application

(7 - 8 September 2024)

Integrative Hypnotherapy Practice

(28 September 2024 online)

Evidence-based Hypnotherapy Practice

(29 September 2024 online)



Introduction to Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

(21 - 22 September 2024)

Introduction to Hypnotherapy Practice

(5- 6 October 2024)

Behavioural Hypnotherapy Practice

 (26 - 27 October 2024)

Psycho-dynamic Hypnotherapy Practice

(9 - 10 November 2024)

Indirect & Conversational (Erickson) Hypnotherapy Practice

(30 November - 1 December 2024)

Applied Hypnotherapeutics

(14 - 15 December 2024)



Advanced Hypnotherapy Practice

(18 - 19 January 2025)

Advanced Hypnotherapy Application

(1- 2 February 2025)

Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy Practice

 (22 - 23 February 2025)

Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy Application

(8 - 9 March 2025)

Integrative Hypnotherapy Practice

(5 April 2025 Online)

Evidence-based Hypnotherapy Practice

(6 April 2025)





 UK Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists (NCIP)

General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR)

International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT)

International Hypnosis Association (IHA)



 UK General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC)

International Certification Council (ICC)

British Psychological Society (BPS)

International & National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists (NCIP/ICIP)

International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT)

International Hypnosis Association (IHA)



 Certified Hypnotherapists

Certified Mind Body Health Practitioners

Certified Coach Practitioners

Certified Stress Management Practitioners

Certified Master Practitioners of NLP



UK Hypnotherapy Courses
2 Additional Courses &

6 Master Classes Included Free

ICCHP students learn how to make a difference to their lives and the lives of others. All PDHyp course students will receive the following extra courses, master classes and associated qualifications included as part of the PDHyp course for no extra charge.

This represents £1740 worth of EXTRA courses!

Integrative Stress Management Practitioner Course (ISRCert) (£495 value)

Integrative Performance Coaching Practitioner Course (IPECert) (£495 value)

Smoking Cessation Master Class (£125 value)

Treating Weight Related Disorders Master Class (£125 value)

Integrating Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy Master Class (£125 value)

Delivering eTherapy Master Class (£125 value)

Practice Management Master Class (£125 value)

Detox Your Mind Master Class (£125 value)


Graduates Receive a Free Listing on our Exclusive Practitioner Website

Choose the Hypnotherapy Training Course Which Best Suits your Interest & Needs


As part of the ICCHP graduate support services, all of our graduate practitioners are listed free on our practitioner website (www.icchp.net). This means that once you graduate your practice is up and running. This website is marketed so that potential clients can find ICCHP trained practitioners.

The service offers integrated calendar, booking and payment features, so your clients can use the portal to manage all of their appointments with you. It also features an integrated video conferencing system, just like Zoom and other similar applications, but it uses the most secure communications protocols, unlike Zoom and others. It is the same secure system used by the large online therapy providers and meets government and professional body regulations, so that you can ensure complete client confidentiality. You can use as much or as little of the functionality and at no cost.



practitioners hypnotherapy




* You Will Learn All Advanced, Modern & Dynamiic Hypnotherapeutic & Psychotherapeutic Techniques & Approaches Like Solution Focused Hypnotherapy | Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) | Direct Suggestion Hypnotherapy | Indirect & Conversational (Erickson) Hypnotherapy | Psychodynamic & Analytical Hypnotherapy (Regression/Dissociation) |
Integrative Evidence based Hypnotherapy & A Host of Psychotherapeutic Processes Like Integrated Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (RECBH) | Mindfulness | REBT/CBT | Complex Emotional Release Therapy (CERT) & Integrative Rapid Change Therapy (IRCT)

* Extend Your Professional Career By Training As An Integrative Mind Body Health Practitioner*

* Earn a Prestigious Award You Can Be Proud of Achieving

* Ongoing Graduate Support, Supervision & Mentoring

* Fully Accredited, Validated & Certified Courses** - CNHC | GHSC | ICC | GHR | IACT | BPS | NCIP | ICIP

* Learn from Some of the Most Experienced & Qualified Teachers Worldwide - All Are Practicing Professionals

* Classroom & Online Course Options

* Beginner to Advanced Level Courses & Master Classes

* Start Learning Today with Our Free Online Introductory Hypnotherapy Course

* Free Graduate Practitioner Listing on Our Global Practitioners Website - Your Practice is Up and Running Once You Graduate *

* Lifetime Access to the Most Extensive Online Shared Knowledge Base

* Lifetime Access to the ICCHP's Exclusive Learning/Practice Portal, Course Materials & Mobile Application

* Develop necessary clinical skills needed to practice safely, ethically & professionally

** T's & C's Apply

* Optional Student Practitioner's Electronic Notebook Tablet Computer Available*

* Unlimited Lifetime Access to Over 200 Hours of Video & Over 5000 On-line Pages of Content

* Free Lifetime Access to the Exclusive ICCHP OneNote Practitioner App

* Access to Exclusive & Discounted Course Upgrades

* Flexible Learning with No Time Limits - Live Webcast Course Option Available

* Free Unlimited Re-attendance to Any Future Classroom Sessions

* No Stressful Examinations or Essays to Complete

* Flexible Pay As You Go Instalment Payment Terms & Financial Assistance Available

* No Monthly Lock-in Payments or Subscriptions, No Mandatory Tutorial Fees, No Exam Fees, No Additional Costs & a Full Money Back Guarantee **





Lifetime Access to the ICCHP's Exclusive Learning/Practice Portal, Course Materials & Mobile Application


UK Hypnotherapy Courses


Lifetime Access to the Most Extensive Online Shared Knowledge Base




free hypnotherapy notebook

Student Practitioner's Electronic Notebook (optional)*
Unlimited Lifetime Access to Over 200 Hours of Classroom Video Recordings & Over 5000 On-line Pages of Content


ICCHP hypnotherapy course portal


Free Lifetime Access to the Exclusive ICCHP OneNote Practitioner App



Fully Certified Accredited Courses & Study Options




3 Classroom & Online Course Study Options Available

Choose the Hypnotherapy Training Course Which Best Suits Your Interest & Needs


Training Option 1

Online Independent Distance Learning (no live teaching sessions)

12 Module Online Course Fee: £1495 (£150 per module)


Training Option 2

Online Distance Learning Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course - Live Streamed

The 12 module distance learning hypnotherapy practitioner courses are designed for those students wanting to learn the practical aspects of therapeutic hypnosis in a live virtual classroom setting.

12 Module Live Remote WebCast Course Fee £2495 (£225 per module)

Training Option 3

Classroom Based Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course

>The ICCHP offers those students wanting hands on learning of the practical aspects of therapeutic hypnosis the opportunity to practice in a supervised classroom setting.

12 Module Classroom Course Fee: £3295 (£295 per module)




Advanced Integrative Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy Course

Learn the Most Advanced Integrative CBT Hypnotherapy Approach




This online course will provide you with the most advance training in Integrative Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (RECBH). A more empowering and elegant approach to traditional CBT integrated with clinical hypnosis.

This is a fully evidenced-based approach to integrative positive psychotherapy, practiced by some of the most highly respected professionals in the field. The approach integrates CBT, REBT, all hypnotherapeutic approaches, mindfulness and the most advanced evidence-based solution focused psychotherapy interventions and psychological theoretical frameworks,

Students can join the course at anytime and there are no time limits for completion.



Hypnotherapy in Clinical Practice - Call for Papers

Arm Levitation Induction Technique

Teaching Self Hypnosis Technique

Most Comprehensive Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course Provider 2023

Multi Awarded 'Best Hypnotherapy Training Course 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023'

Here is the Latest ICCHP Insights Newsletter Winter 2022



 Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (RECBH)