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What You Really Need to Know About Hypnotherapy Training


The ICCHP can give you many reasons to believe that our courses are the best, but what matters is what you want from your hypnotherapy training.

Do you want to learn as much as you can for the best price?

Do you just want to say you have done a hypnotherapy course?

Are you just wanting to address your own psychological well-being and personal growth and development?

Do you want to learn the most you can from your course?

Do you want to learn just one type of hypnotherapy approach, or all types of approaches?

Do you want to be the best hypnotherapy practitioner you can possibly be?

Do you just want to be another hypnotherapist, or would you like to be able to stand out from the others, offer your clients more treatment options, be more successful and more respected in the healthcare profession?

There are so many questions you should be asking yourself before you invest in hypnotherapy training. So it is important to know what do you want to get out of your hypnotherapy course?

Once you can answer your own questions, then you can look at what hypnotherapy training is available and decide what course best suits you.





Why Are Their So Many Different Hypnotherapy Training Providers & So Many Different Courses? 

Finding the best hypnotherapy training course which meets your needs can be difficult. With so many hypnotherapy training courses available, it can be like treading a minefield (mindfield) to find the best hypnosis course to suit you. There are many different course providers, many different hypnotherapy bodies, many different qualifications, many different accreditations and much more which makes choosing a hypnotherapy course complex and confusing. Some courses are online and some are classroom based, with different prices and course fees. Some advertise different treatment approaches and others only one single treatment approach. Some are taught by a team of experienced clinical experts and others taught by a single person, with little or no clinical experience.

Students looking to learn hypnotherapy are faced with so many options, with courses ranging from a couple of days hypnotherapy training to a couple of years, prices ranging from a few hundreds to many thousands and many different types of hypnotherapy approaches. Many students spend a lot of time and money on courses, never achieving what they want to achieve by learning hypnotherapy. Just ask many of our students who have trained elsewhere before training with the ICCHP.

In many countries, like the UK for instance, the practice of hypnotherapy is unregulated, which leaves the market open for anyone to offer hypnotherapy training, with no clinical background or experience. This allows unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of you. There are many who claim to offer the best hypnotherapy course or best hypnosis course available. This not only makes choosing the best hypnotherapy course for you, and your own career needs difficult, it also allows poorly trained individuals to embark on using hypnosis to treat physical and psychological conditions, which lead to risky, dangerous and unethical practices. In counties like the UK, anyone with no training at all can call themselves a hypnotherapist and offer services to clients. In other countries you may need to be a licensed medical practitioner or psychological practitioner in order to practice hypnotherapy. In some countries and states, they may call themselves hypnotism practitioners or some other name to get around the legal issues with using the term therapist.


What Hypnotherapy Training Do I Need to Become a Recognised Practitioner in the UK?


In the UK, the Department of Health recognised that public safety was at risk from under trained, unethical practitioners and funded the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), which self regulates, complementary therapies like hypnotherapy. The CNHC's goal is to inform and protect the public. CNHC registered practitioners are recognised by the UK National Health Service and the General Medical Council. So anyone planning on practising as a recognised hypnotherapist in the UK, must do a course that leads to CNHC membership, otherwise you are wasting your money. In order to become a CNHC member you need to have attended a validated training course and have indemnity insurance (which you can only obtain with a valid training certificate). The training course must provide you with a minimum total of 120 hours of classroom based face to face practical training. This means that you cannot become a CNHC recognised practitioner in the UK by completing an online hypnotherapy course. The number of students who fall into the trap of purchasing a cheap online course, expecting to become a recognised and qualified hypnotherapist in the UK, is astonishing. Hypnotherapists treat physical and psychological health conditions, would you go to a doctor, psychologist, dentist, physiotherapist, counsellor, nurse or any other healthcare professional who qualified by doing an online course?

Here is the latest statement from the CNHC (1 March 2022) & the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) as of 10 October 2022:

“Now that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted across the UK, we will be reverting to the normal requirement that, as set out in in the relevant core curriculum, a specified number of hours must be delivered with the simultaneous physical presence of the learner and the tutor or supervisor. This is for the components of the course that cover the development and assessment of practical or clinical skills.(With respect to Hypnotherapy courses, the minimum 120 Guided Learning Hours, for the development and supervision of clinical skills, must be with the simultaneous physical presence of the Learner and the lecturer, supervisor or tutor).”


You cannot become a UK NHS/GMC recognised hypnotherapist, trained to treat physical and psychological conditions, just by doing an online course? You will not be able to obtain indemnity insurance to practice hypnotherapy in the UK, if you have only completed an online course.


The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC), who advise and accredited UK Practitioner level courses, we would bring this important reminder to your attention:

For an initial 2 years trial period, now commenced and terminating at the end of August 2024 (or later where courses already running at the time had not yet completed), students may undertake their training via relevant and appropriate remote means (e.g. Zoom) as a ‘Virtual Classroom’ option to physical, in-person attendance.

Whereas following successful completion of a GHSC accredited Practitioner Level course via this option graduates would be eligible for Practitioner status registration within the GHR, they would not be eligible for registration within the hypnotherapy section of the Complementary& Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)see above under ‘CNHC Current Position’.

To avoid any misunderstanding, the same core curriculum must be followed as for the current in-person training with the exception that the required 120 tuition hours with the simultaneous physical presence of the student and the lecturer, supervisor or tutor may be replaced with a simultaneous virtual presence.

IMPORTANT: In order to differentiate between the in-person physical attendance course and the simultaneous virtual presence course training providers are required to include some form of statement on their qualifying diplomas / certificates clearly identifying which of these two options has been undertaken. (N.B. In the absence of such a statement it will be assumed that the respective holder of the award has undertaken training remotely and would thereby not qualify for registration within the CNHC). This is of the utmost importance to ensure that the GHR does not compromise its position within the CNHC as a Verifying Organisation (VO) by inadvertently forwarding practitioner details to them of those who had graduated via remote tuition.

Students who attend ICCHP online live webcast courses, would fall under the GHR trial period status and be eligible to join the UK General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR), but would not qualify to register with the CNHC.

Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) Core Curriculum can be found here:

You can save time and money by understanding what you want and understanding what is available. Knowledge is all and when you have it, finding a match that will guarantee that you choose the best, most appropriate, hypnosis | hypnotherapy training course that will suit your needs will be much easier and make your choice more appropriate. The following information is provided so that you can better understand our team, our training courses and the techniques we use - enabling you to make an informed decision when choosing the best hypnotherapy training course for you.


Learn More About the ICCHP and Our Courses


What is ICCHP Hypnotherapy Training?


The ICCHP was established in 2010 as the International Community of Clinical Hypnosis Practitioners, with the idea of building an international community of hypnotherapy practitioners. The goal of the ICCHP was to share therapeutic hypnosis learning and practical knowledge globally and a free online hypnotherapy course was developed and made available online to promote among the best hypnosis courses and hypnotherapy training world wide. Many community members asked the ICCHP to offer practitioner training, so the ICCHP evolved into the International College of Clinical Hypnosis Practitioners.

The creators of the course teach clinical hypnosis in the UK medical schools and previously worked, for many years, in senior roles at the largest international hypnotherapy college based in the UK, they were also involved with the design and delivery of university MSc hypnotherapy courses. They decided to take what they learned and experienced, along with several years of student feedback on how to improve hypnotherapy training, then decided to design and build a course that no other provider could compete with, hence to make it the best value for money and the most comprehensive hypnotherapy course available anywhere. This vision continues today and the creators are constantly striving to improve the course, by actively responding to student feedback.

The ICCHP has recognised that the hypnotherapy profession has become saturated and flooded with a vast variety of different types of both professional and non-professional training courses, many of poor quality, leading to practitioners lacking the skills required to practice ethically and safely. The ICCHP perceives the need to have the profession evolve into a much more respectable position within the healthcare community and with the general public. This is why the ICCHP is leading with a new professional career pathway for true professional hypnotherapists, so that true professional practitioners will stand out from the others. The ICCHP's fully professional body validated and certified Integrative Mind Body Health Practitioner qualification is the first of its kind.

ICCHP graduates are not only fully recognised hypnotherapists, they are Integrative Mind Body Health Practitioners, utilising a range of treatment modalities which include: hypnotherapy; psychotherapy; mindfulness based approaches; neurolinguistic programming (NLP); personal and professional development coaching and other complementary health modalities. As Integrative Mind Body Health Practitioners, ICCHP graduates stand out from the rest, offering clients a full range of mind body health treatments. So if you want to stand out from the crowd and be more than just another hypnotherapist, offer your clients more treatment options and be a more successful practitioner, then the ICCHP training is the answer.



Is Your Hypnotherapy Training Recognised, Ethical and Reputable?


ICCHP hypnotherapy training tutors have decades of experience practising and teaching clinical hypnosis to clinical and non-clinical students. ICCHP key staff are clinically trained practitioners and teach medical hypnosis in UK medical schools, no other hypnotherapy training provider can match this breadth of experience. The ICCHP has delivered hypnotherapy training to almost 2000 UK medical school students in the past 3 years.

When Choosing the Best Hypnotherapy Course, one that will meet your aspirations, you should ensure that the organisation is ethical, with key advisors and training teachers who have medical/psychological clinical training and experience to share with you. Many hypnotherapy training providers are teaching clinical hypnosis, but have no clinical skills. Genuine ethical hypnotherapy training includes psychotherapy training and teaches you how to treat medical and psychological conditions, therefore your trainers should have a background and years of experience in a clinical or therapeutic field. Many hypnotherapy courses being taught today are being taught by people with none of the required skills. Many hypnotherapy courses are even being taught by stage hypnotists and people who have only completed a brief Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) course - you will not get genuine hypnotherapy training from these providers. Don't be tempted or caught out by gimmicks, those claiming to offer the best hypnotherapy training courses or be the best hypnotherapist around often charge very large amounts of money - In comparison, you will find the cost of hypnotherapy training with the ICCHP the best value for money - in fact, we are so confident, that If you find a comparable, more comprehensive mind body therapeutics based course for less, we will refund your course fees. Ask any other training provider if they will match our money back guarantee.

The ICCHP doesn't sell or promote individual personalities and egos, we offer real ethical hypnotherapy training, backed up with years of scientific and clinical expertise and research evidence. Many training providers are promoting a single individual personality and presenting the individual as some sort of hypnotherapy guru - they do not exist - it is all hype and superficial marketing - these courses also tend to be very expensive, not because they are good, but because you the student have to pay for the provider´s high marketing expenditure. A genuine hypnotherapy provider should have a team of teaching experts, with the clinical and practical experience to be able to inform you in the theory and practice of hypnotherapy, as well as the required clinical skills needed to assess and use hypnotherapeutic techniques and process, and not just teach you a few techniques to use on clients. If all of your training is being delivered by one person, you will not get any exposure to different delivery styles, backgrounds and experiences, which will limit your knowledge and skills to being the same as the person teaching you. Ensure that there is a team of highly skilled practitioners teaching on your course.


Best  Hypnotherapy course
So Which is the Best Hypnotherapy Course for You?

The ICCHP can give you many reasons to believe that our courses are the best, but what matters is what you want from your hypnotherapy training. Do you want to learn as much as you can for the best price? Do you just want to say you have done a hypnotherapy course? Do you want to be the best hypnotherapy practitioner you can possibly be? There are many questions you should be asking yourself before you invest in hypnotherapy training. What do you want to get out of your hypnotherapy course? Once you can answer your own questions, then you can look at what hypnotherapy training is available and decide what course best suits you.

In the meantime, you can join our free online hypnotherapy training course and start learning and understanding hypnotherapy, while you make up your mind. We also encourage you to talk to our current students and graduates, who will answer your questions honestly, they have been were you are and will be more than happy to share their experiences with you. You are always welcome to come and sit in on one of our training days to meet the trainers, the students and get a feel for what hypnotherapy training at the ICCHP is like.



What About Intensive/Short Hypnotherapy Training Courses?


Be aware that you cannot learn hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in a short space of time. To become a fully qualified hypnotherapy practitioner in the UK, you are required to have at least 120 hours of classroom based practical face to face training, this is in addition to non face to face training of a few hundred hours. It is reasonable to plan to complete your hypnotherapy training in a year - it will take that long for you to learn and practice all of the necessary techniques and develop the necessary skills. Imagine a medical doctor doing 5 years of medical training from a crash course lasting 5 weeks or 5 months, doing a hypnotherapy course in a short space of time equates to the same thing - you will not have the knowledge to support you as a competent and confident hypnotherapist, so invest your money wisely and avoid the short courses, you cannot short-cut learning hypnotherapy. Short courses lasting only a week or two, or courses being offered as intensive courses are of no benefit to anyone wanting to become a recognised hypnotherapy practitioner, these courses only benefit the training organisation, it is a way that they make a lot of money in a short space of time - the students go away without retaining much of what was presented. Many ICCHP students have completed these short term hypnotherapy training courses before coming to the ICCHP - they will tell you that they did not have any knowledge, confidence or competence to practice hypnotherapy after completing these courses.


What kind of Hypnotherapy Does the ICCHP Teach?

Does the ICCHP Teach Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

Does the ICCHP Teach Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy?

Does the ICCHP Teach Regression Hypnotherapy?


The ICCHP teaches a complete range of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy approaches which we believe makes our courses unique and without doubt, among the best hypnotherapy training available anywhere. With the ICCHP, you can be assured that you will find the best hypnosis course for your specific needs. Many hypnotherapy training providers only teach a single approach, or even worse, a single technique. You will see hypnotherapy courses offering the best technique or the best approach and charging many thousands to learn these limited, often dated and old fashioned techniques and approaches. Some hypnotherapy training tutors and advisors have been around for many years and they are still teaching the same old fashioned approaches to hypnotherapy and psychotherapy that they were teaching 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years ago. The ICCHP teaches modern, up to date, evidenced based, integrative hypnotherapy, which means that we teach all techniques and approaches, but more importantly, we teach you how and when to use them based on a precise client assessment approach.


What is the Best Hypnotherapy Training Approach?


Which is the Best Hypnotherapy Course for youYou want to be sure that the training you receive is modern and the techniques and approaches are comprehensive and up to date with the latest research backing their use. It's worrying that many hypnotherapy training teachers and providers are still teaching problem based therapy techniques, like problem based regression, which has no evidence base to support it, in fact, most of the evidence indicates that it is potentially more harmful than other techniques and approaches.

The ICCHP teaches modern, up to date, solution focused techniques and approaches that are safe and ethical, with practice based evidence to support their use. Old fashioned problem based therapy approaches just continue to support and promote the problem, more modern solution based approaches to therapy promote positive health and psychological well being. You want to make sure that the course you choose isn't just teaching a single approach or a single technique and that the techniques are up to date and supported by practice based evidence. Many training courses are still teaching old fashioned techniques which require the hypnotherapist to touch the client, which is rarely, if ever needed in a modern hypnotherapeutic setting, in fact, nowadays, touching clients can be considered inappropriate.


The ICCHP hypnotherapy training includes the following approaches:

  • Direct and indirect conversational hypnotherapy.
  • Psychodynamic and psychoanalytical hypnotherapy.
  • Behavioural and cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy - we teach the more modern and elegant Integrative Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (RECBH) - A more Empowered Approach to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) rather than the limited basic CBT approach.
  • Integrative complex emotional rapid change hypnotherapy.
  • Advanced hypno-psychotherapy and clinical skills.
  • Integrative and evidence based hypnotherapy.
  • Integrative mind body health practice



How Will the ICCHP Help Me to Learn Hypnotherapy?

Do Other Hypnotherapy Training Providers Cover the Breadth of Hypnotherapy Training that the ICCHP Does?

The ICCHP offers a money back guarantee that if a student can find a similar course for less, we will refund the course fee.




Our basic definition of hypnosis and hypnotherapy is unique and will help you to understand how we teach complex concepts. Hypnosis is a variety of naturally occurring states of consciousness, that we enter into spontaneously on a daily basis. Have you ever taken a journey and reached your destination not remembering the journey? Have you ever daydreamed? Have you ever sat in a presentation and you were 100% focused on the presenter and the material being presented? Have you ever sat in a presentation and your mind drifted away from the presenter and the material being presented? Have you ever been doing something you enjoyed to the complete exclusion of anything or anyone around you, like watching a film, listening to music, reading a book or enjoying a hobby or pastime? Well, these are all spontaneous naturally occurring hypnotic states that we experience every day.

When we practice hypnosis, we allow ourselves to follow instructions, given by ourselves or by someone else (the hypnotist), to enter into these natural states of consciousness with intention and through choice. In these states the subconscious part of our mind (who we are) becomes more accessible and more receptive to positive suggestions that we find acceptable to us. So if you have a desire to be more motivated or to have more confidence, then in these states when suggestions are given to support what you desire, they become more amplified, helping you to achieve what you desire. Hypnotherapy uses these natural states to deliver therapeutic suggestions and processes, which help you to achieve the positive outcomes that you desire.

There are many natural hypnotic states and many techniques to help a person enter these states, there are also many therapeutic techniques and psychotherapeutic processes to help a person achieve their goals and psychological well being. The ICCHP teaches you hundreds of these processes and techniques and how and when to use them, so that when a client comes to see you as a therapist you are able to make an accurate client assessment and tailor a treatment plan for them, ensuring success. Learning one approach or a few techniques will limit your success as a hypnotherapist, as you will be using the same approaches and techniques on everyone, this demonstrates poor training. Many training providers will teach you a limited number of hypnotherapy techniques, leaving you with a handful of techniques and no idea how and when to effectively use them. Be sure to understand exactly what you are going to be taught on your course - That is the real way to ensure you choose the best hypnotherapy training course for you.

The ICCHP allows our graduates to not only practise as fully qualified hypnotherapist, as we train our graduates to become Integrative Mind Body Health Practitioners, who are able to practise not only hypnotherapy, but also advanced modern psychotherapy, including mindfulness based approaches. Our graduates are also trained as specialist stress reduction practitioners and life coaches. This is all included in our practitioner diploma training program at no extra costs.


Are Your Hypnotherapy Courses Certified, Validated or Accredited by Any Independent Organisation/Professional Body?


Hypnotherapy Course AccreditationsYes, Please check our Hypnotherapy Course Accreditations page for full details. The ICCHP Practitioner Certificate and Practitioner Diploma hypnotherapy training courses have been independently and externally assessed and validated by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) and the International Certification Council (ICC), our training courses meet (and exceed) all of the requirements outlined by the UK Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), which was established with the support of the UK government Department of Health to be the ultimate representative independent body representing hypnotherapists, hypnotherapy training standards and other complementary healthcare professionals.

Validation is normally a process that universities or other educational establishments use to approve a course being taught under the approval of that educational establishment as part of its own programme of study. It means that you will receive an award from the educational establishment - for example a BSc or MSc degree. Courses can also be validated by independent professional bodies.

Accreditation normally means that the course has gone through a process set down by a university, educational establishment or professional body in order to fulfil specific requirements, such as the qualification of staff and teaching standards, minimum content delivery, grading and marking quality and standards, etc. Some universities and educational establishments will accredit a course and accept the course as part of their programme and award credit for students studying for a qualification with them. Independent professional bodies may accredit a course to show that it meets a minimum set of standards and training in order for their students to become members of these professional bodies. Certification is similar and it means that some organisation has set some standards that the course and course provider have met.


Are the ICCHP Courses Validated or Certified? (Do Not be Misled!)




With regards to hypnotherapy training and practice, there are a vast number of different professional bodies and training providers who offer accredited, validated or certified courses. However, some of these can be misleading.

The government in the UK and many other countries do not regulate the profession and training of hypnotherapy; unlike the medical profession. Therefore anyone, with no training at all, can call themselves a hypnotherapist and go in to practice. Also, anyone can set up a training or professional organisation and claim accreditation, certification and validation. There is no control of this and what you will find is that most of the large training providers have set up their own professional organisations to represent their own students, and have claimed that the courses these students attended meet the accreditation of their own professional bodies. These are not independent organisations. If a training provider pays them a fee they will list the course as accredited. True independent organisations do not ask training providers to pay a fee to have their courses accredited. There are very few truly independent professional bodies overseeing this industry and there is some government lobbying for legislation, however, at the moment it is a minefield for prospective students to understand, hence why we offer introductory courses and explain this to students so that they can make informed choices.

The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) is the largest independent professional standards body, which overseas the UK government Working Group for Hypnotherapy regulation and ensures that the courses it validates meet a set of training standards. The GHSC validation allows ICCHP students and graduates to become members of the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR). Full membership allows ICCHP graduates to become members of the UK Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). The ICCHP programme and teaching standards have been designed to meet the standards defined by the UK Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA). Outside of the UK, the International Certification Council (ICC) has set up an International Hypnotherapy Register (IHR), which accredits training programs which meet its strict policies, guidelines and standards. The ICCHP program meets and exceeds the ICC requirements and our international students are eligible to join the IHR.

Any independent body will require courses to meet a minimum number of training hours in order for them to be certified, accredited or validated. These hours usually are a minimum of 120 face to face teaching/practice hours. The ICCHP hypnotherapy courses have been designed and are delivered by staff who have completed thousands of hours training and teaching, and who are members of many independent professional organisations. In fact, the professional qualifications and teaching qualifications of the staff behind the design and delivery of our courses are of the highest quality and exceed many of the requirements associated with becoming certified, accredited or validated.

The ICCHP are proud to have our practitioner courses accredited by the National/International Council of Integrative Psychotherapists (NCIP/ICIP) at Diploma level. Diplomas are accredited individually as practitioner training and the NCIP’s aim is to maintain and develop professional standards. Diploma training accreditation is offered at two levels for members. Entry level diploma accreditation is that a training course needs to be the equivalent of an Ofqual eq. Level 5 (DipHD/HND)) with a minimum of 370 Guided Learning Hours (GLH). Also, diploma accreditation for courses rated at Level 6 (BSc Honours)) or Level 7 (Masters) with a minimum of 370 Guided Learning Hours (GLH). The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England.
The ICCHP's Practitioner Certificate in Evidence-based Integrative Clinical Hypnosis (PCHyp) is accredited at Level 5 and the ICCHP's Practitioner Diploma in Evidence-based Integrative Clinical Hypnosis (PDHyp) is accredited at Level 6.
The ICCHP classroom based PCHyp and PDHyp practitioner courses, along with our online CHyp and DHyp courses have been approved by the British Psychological Society (BPS), having met their 5 Standards of Accreditation for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This means that members of the BPS will be able to apply ICCHP practitioner training to meet their CPD training requirements. It is also a representation of the high quality of professional training offered by the ICCHP.


How Do Your Courses Differ from Other Hypnotherapy Training Programmes?


Choosing the Best Hypnotherapy Course
The ICCHP hypnotherapy training courses are designed to offer students total flexibility in fulfilling their training needs. Students can study the practise of hypnosis and hypnotherapy in their own time from the comfort of their home, office or on the move. When it comes to choice, the ICCHP has some of the most pliable, comprehensive and best hypnotherapy training courses out there!

Because we have separated the theory component from the practical classroom sessions, students can spend their classroom time practising hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Because of this we are also able to reduce the number of classroom attendance days which shortens the learning cycle, so students can accelerate their learning, if they wish to do so. This also significantly reduces costs for students, as we do not have to provide staff to lecture students on the theory, which can be easily learned through our student online learning portal. This allows us to deliver the programme at minimum cost, therefore keeping our fees at least 50% less than many other hypnotherapy courses.

Another way that we reduce the cost of hypnotherapy training for our students is by using an education charity to provide venues for teaching our courses. ICCHP students take pride in supporting our efforts to promote local education initiatives.

To ensure that students are given adequate personal hands on assistance to practise and help with all components of their learning, we provide individual and small group tutorial sessions, as well as individual mentoring and supervision for all student practitioners. More time is spent doing hands on learning and practise, and less time sitting in lectures and writing lengthy essays. Our courses do not require the completion of stressful essays and examinations, which research has shown, just cause anxiety which is not conducive to effective learning. Our course use more modern and realistic assessment processes which are directly aligned to the course learning outcomes.

The modern and dynamic delivery of our courses, which includes lifetime access to our prestigious online learning portal, along with our advanced stress free assessment processes, ensure that our students are successful and find learning easy and fun. Learning hypnosis and hypnotherapy is experiential, which means you learn by doing, the more you do the better you become.

We also offer our graduate practitioners free listing on our site online hypnotherapy clinic ( website, which includes fully integrated calendar/booking, payments and secure video conferencing functions, so graduates have an internet presence and are set up in practice as soon as they are ready. We have a dedicated cloud based internet server with unlimited capacity, as well as an experienced webmaster and technical expert, so we can offer our graduates the lowest cost website design and website hosting, along with Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and Google Advertising expertise and technology guidance to assist our graduates to set up in practice. This is in addition to a range of master classes on setting up in practice and practice management. This is exclusive to the ICCHP and no other hypnotherapy training course provider offers this level of support after you graduate.


Can ICCHP Students Obtain a University Level Degree?


Choosing the Best Hypnotherapy Course
There are no requirements in the UK for hypnotherapists to have a university degree to practice hypnotherapy. If one day it becomes a requirement, then those therapists already in practice will be allowed to remain in practice without having a degree.

There are currently very few universities offering university MSc degrees in hypnotherapy. These degrees are of value to students wanting to go into academic research and do not offer any special value to those just wanting to be a hypnotherapy practitioner. The ICCHP advises and encourages practitioner students to undertake only those academic courses and qualifications that will be of benefit to them, such as a course offering students registration as a qualified psychologist, as this would be the only way to obtain any recognised standing in the profession.

Our students are able to study and learn to become practising hypnotherapists, without having to demonstrate and achieve the academic performance that a university programme requires. We do not require our students to write numerous lengthy theoretical essays which are required by other hypnotherapy courses and university programmes. We train students to become hypnotherapists as opposed to academic essay writers. We also have no final exams for students to stress about, research shows that students do not learn whilst stressed, students learn better when they are enjoying their learning.

Our quality, level of learning and teaching is the same as any academic university programme, but with more focus on practice and less on academic achievement; our students get the same programme, without the high costs, long theoretical lectures and extensive essay writing requirements. Those students wanting to demonstrate that they can perform at a higher academic level are able to do so through their participation and postings on the course discussion forums, which makes up part of the student learning portfolio. The student learning portfolio can than be submitted to other academic and learning institutions for any possible awarding of credit. This learning portfolio also supports the requirements of maintaining records for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


Why Do the ICCHP Believe That We Offer the Best Hypnotherapy Training Courses Available?


Listen to what others say about the ICCHP training. Read our student/graduate reviews. With over 5000 students globally enrolled on our courses over the past 12 years and the fact that the ICCHP team were selected and have been instrumental in the successful implementation and delivery of online clinical hypnotherapy training to over 1000 UK medical school students in the past two years, as well as being voted for multiple awards in 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023, establishes the ICCHP as a leading expert provider. 

Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Training Options

In the meantime, you can join our free online hypnotherapy training course and start learning and understanding hypnotherapy, while you make up your mind. We also encourage you to talk to our current students and graduates, who will answer your questions honestly, they have been were you are and will be more than happy to share their experiences with you. You are always welcome to come and sit in on one of our training days to meet the trainers, the students and get a feel for what hypnotherapy training at the ICCHP is like.


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hypnotherapy courses 2022 awards



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