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Hear what our hypnotherapy training student graduates have to say about their time on our award winning courses - Their learning experiences and responses to the quality of teaching delivered by International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioners - ICCHP - Hypnotherapy Training Tutors, lecturers and key advisors. Without doubt, ICCHP is very proud of the hypnotherapy reviews and graduate testimonials we receive - We believe the excellent hypnotherapy reviews reflect the quality of our training courses and commitment of our hypnotherapy training tutors.


Roger Mortimer

PDHyp Graduate, London, UK


The BEST Hypnotherapy Training You'll Find!

Roger's Hypnotherapy Review - With previous experience as a student in hypnotherapy training, I came to this course with a view that most providers would be similar in terms of content and quality of delivery etc, however I may have been too early in my judgement. The course is not just about achieving the required qualification, but to grow in confidence as you are learning, enjoying the process and at the same time using relevant examples and proven evidence-based techniques. Tod has a plethora of knowledge and experience, coupled with a delivery style that allows his personality to shine through, which serves to maximise the full potential of students and colleagues alike. I am in no doubt that this is the best hypnotherapy training available - in no small part due to the clearly defined course structure, comprehensive content, excellent delivery and ongoing resource availability and support.



Maria Angeles Martinez-Lopez

PDHyp Graduate, London, UK


100% recommended to anybody interested in hypnotherapy or personal development

Maria's Hypnotherapy Review -  I feel so happy that I decided to start studying with the ICCHP 2 years ago; although I had received prior training in hypnotherapy from two other schools, I still learned so much more from attending this course! Both the certificate and the diploma courses are very comprehensive and intense. However the ICCHP offers the students the possibility to do all the work at their own pace and attend the classes at their own convenience and they can also re-attend as many classes as they think necessary. And not only that but also all students have a life-long access to the online material that gets updated regularly.

Furthermore, the college offers courses and master classes for any post-graduate students to continue their learning, enhance their knowledge and complete their CPD hours. I am aware that they are new initiatives being developed by the College that will benefit past and future graduates, such as the practitioner list free of charge. For all these reasons, I completely recommend this College to anybody who is interested in becoming a professional hypnotherapist or anybody who has interest in complementary therapy for other reasons, like personal development.




PDHyp Student, London, UK


Simon's Hypnotherapy Review - I am a musician with a lifelong interest in hypnosis. When I decided I wanted to find out more about hypnotherapy I was fortunate enough to be recommended to Tod Cury and the ICCHP. The practitioner certificate gives an in depth understanding and appreciation of a wide range of hypnotic processes and whether you take the course just for interest or to pursue a career in hypnotherapy you will gain a tremendous amount of experience in many different hypnotic approaches. The diploma course is intensive and highly detailed, educating and equipping you with the skills and knowledge to become a successful and competent therapist and with much emphasis being placed in the ICCHP on an ethical and moral approach to hypnosis and hypnotherapy I cannot recommend this course enough!




PDHyp Graduate, Manchester, UK

Sonia's Hypnotherapy Review - My training at ICCHP has been invaluable and I finally feel I have the proper training to work with clients. I had trained as a hypnotherapist for 2 years prior to coming to ICCHP with a reputable school and I developed good skillful means, but I didn’t really know what I was doing. When I first started working I was so out of my depth I almost gave up. People felt good after each session but their symptoms weren’t improving. I jumped around trying to find more training, different schools and spent thousands of dollars trying to compensate because I really didn’t understand how to create a treatment plan(which is essential) or how to take case history and asses where your client is. At ICCHP I learned how to do psychological assessments, how to work with core belief issues, phobias, treatment plans, case histories and so much more. Tod is an excellent and trusted teacher who is part of the medical community and offers insights that only someone from his background could offer. He shares everything he knows without holding anything back. The support offered at ICCHP is endless and the growth as an individual has been worth every penny. Every weekend I came home with better understanding of people and myself. If your shopping around or have done other programs and feel like you weren’t adequately trained enroll now. This is the most comprehensive program and it really does deliver! Sonia Morales



Josie Jenkinson

PDHyp Student, London UK

Excellent course.
Josie's Hypnotherapy Review - If you want to be a hypnotherapist you can do any course but if you want to be a good hypnotherapist then this course is essential. I had had hypnotherapy before this course, the practitioner course alone taught to a higher standard than the hypnotherapist I had seen. Great value for money, engaging lessons and tutors with a lot of experience.


John Graham

PCHyp Student Graduate, London UK


The Very Best Learning Experience. I have to say, just as you will find on the ICCHP Webpage:
John's Hypnotherapy Review - "The International College of Clinical Hypnosis Practitioners, ICCHP provides the most advanced, modern and comprehensive hypnosis and hypnotherapy training course available anywhere. In my experience the tutors are very experienced clinical hypnotherapists, and the online learning community makes for the very best learning experience".


Noshaba Baig

PDHyp Student Graduate, London UK


If you want specialism apply. If you want to really learn you will be taught . If you want to the best you should start here.


Suzy Lewis

PDHyp Student Graduate, Dorset UK


By pure chance I happened upon the wonderful Tod at ICCHP. I checked with the registration body and was told that it was recognised but it was the location that was my primary consideration. Throughout the year that I studied under Tod I was aware of my incredible luck in finding him and the course that he runs. He is not only a great teacher, a great researcher and a great course and systems creator - he is also a great person. In my 66 years I have been to University, College and many training establishments but I have never been taught by anyone as competent as Tod and writing this is my way of thanking him for one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.


Snezana Floyer

PDHyp Student Graduate, Hampshire UK


It has to be said that the ICCHP has provided me with a wonderful learning experience, probably the best learning experience I have ever had. This is not just hyperbole but is an absolute fact!I have now completed my Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and have almost finished the Diploma. Each course has provided me with the knowledge and confidence to open up my own practice and 'make a real go of it.' What I have found is that Tod and Amanda's teaching styles complement the learning styles of all kinds of students, from all walks of life. We all find ourselves learning so much and just absorbing the tremendous amount of knowledge and experience that Tod and Amanda bring to the classes. The teaching is thorough and effective, the practical classes are incredibly powerful and illuminating and another very rewarding fact is that, because of the way in which we are brought together and taught, many of us students, have become lifelong friends. We have learned to accept and respect each other, to learn from each other and to share best practice as well as our responses to what we have done in a safe and caring environment.I can quite honestly say that I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning about and using hypnotherapy in the future. Yes, the work is hard, but very rewarding and well worthwhile.


Pedro Ruao

PDHyp Student Graduate, London UK


I've recently joined the practitioner's course, having had a day taster course. It was an easy decision - after reading all the available materials online and the NHS guidance on what is recognised, the ICCHP ticked all the boxes.Now that I'm underway in my studies, it's ever easier to recommend. Good collection of people and tutors, lots of practice and fantastically detailed study materials in addition to a wealth of information online. The weekend tutorials are exhausting but also lots of fun, and I'm always eager for more.


Mona Grogan

PDHyp Student Graduate, London UK


Mona's Hypnotherapy Review - The training I have experienced at ICCHP has a strong balance of focus on underpinning theoretical knowledge to ensure that the eventual therapist is not only practically competent, but has a thorough understanding of the power of the tools with which they are working & a clear sense of how to effectively implement them.The training is therefore delivered in an ethical way with a good balance of classroom/practical hours taught in a very supportive, encouraging & knowledgeable way - learning is layered in manageable 'chunks'. This is coupled with the extensive home study through the online learning portal which is set up in such a way as to garner the shared learning & support of fellow students.I can highly recommend ICCHP.


Jane Miller

PDHyp Student Graduate, London UK


Good solid, evidence based teaching from experienced, knowledgeable teachers. Practice and theory are taught in a friendly, supportive and generous manner. Fantastic place to learn at, great group to practice with.


Tony Ian White

PDHyp Student Graduate, London UK

ICCHP provides a comprehensive online learning portal that facilitates the rapid accumulation of clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy training for any willing learner. Set out in a logical, progressive format, sequential elements contribute overall to the 10 essential units that make up this modular learning pathway. The on-line hypnosis community is exceptional for any aspiring therapist, as it offers a forum for discussion with seasoned, practising hypnotherapists from every corner of the world. Aside from meeting like-minded people and facilitating cultural exchange, the discussion forums are stimulating and authentic, affording a rigorous understanding of the specific topics under debate with other professionals.The exhilarating practical workshops are held at Pimlico Academy, which is an excellent venue and learning establishment, rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted and situated in South Westminster. The ICCHP school’s teaching staff is so incredibly friendly, open, relaxed and knowledgeable, which assists with rapid learning through astonishing cumulative effect. The whole experience is astounding, with the programme director clearly passionate about what and how this learning is most effectively imparted, setting new and increased standards in clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy training along the way, with every conceivable ethical practice strongly observed. I’ve covered a little ground, studied with some exceptionally talented people, tried most kinds of talking therapy and hypnotherapy training available but this I consider by far the best provision for the serious minded student. Well done Tod! You are an inspiration in turning so many people around and in the most positive of ways. Many thanks for making my vision to be a competent therapist seamlessly achievable.


Claire Crook

PDHyp Hypnotherapy Student Graduate, Hampshire UK


Superb, authoritative teaching establishment.

This is a fantastic introduction to the world of Clinical Hypnotherapy. I have been attending courses with ICCHP since 2013 and cannot recommend the delivery of their course content and dedication of the course tutors highly enough. The college and tutors are extremely professional and they will guide and support you through the requirements to become a practising clinical hypnotherapist. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Spencer Baldwin

PDHyp Hypnotherapy Student Graduate, London UK

I've been studying with ICCHP since I started the diploma course March 2014. Having completed the incredibly thorough and well paced practical lessons I'm now about halfway into the online theory course. I have found the subject absolutely fascinating and will definitely go on to practice as a hypnotherapist full time this year. The overall standard at ICCHP is outstanding, all the college staff are highly experienced therapists as well as tutors. If you're considering studying hypnosis in London you will not find a better college.


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