• This deepening process requires the expressive use of your voice.

  • The word ‘NOWwww’ becomes a cue for the client to relax, so your voice must suggest relaxation.

  • The word ‘NOWwww’ must always be delivered on the client’s out-breath. This type of deepening technique can be alter to suit the patient and their circumstance by using other words instead of NOW, such as CALM, RE-LAX, IN-OUT, RIGHT NOW, etc.

  • It is useful to use as a deepening technique if you want to be able to control a persons depth of their trance state during the hypnotic process, and also it is useful to use when doing subsequent trance work with a client, as once the cue word is established in can be used in later sessions.

  • For example, you may be working in trance with a client and they may have abreacted and so their trance state may have been disturbed, by using the NOWwwww.... cue word on the client’s out breath you can easily guide them back down in to trance depth to where they were before the abreaction.

  • Any time the client starts to fluctuate too far from the deeper level of trance you want to be working in, you can invoke the cue word NOWwwwww.... to take them back down deeper into trance.

  • Developing a nice soothing tone of voice on delivering the NOWwww.. is very important.

  • It should be congruent and natural for you and your voice.

  • Too exaggerated and it may sound silly.

  • Practice by saying it and breathing out your self.

  • And NOWwwwwwwww.......


  • There are no contraindications.

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