Integrative Rapid Change Therapy

Learn Complex Emotional Transformation Hypnotherapy

rapid transformational therapyThe ICCHP teaches the most advanced integrative rapid transformational hypnotherapy approaches available today, rapid change therapy, along with important therapeutic skills and including Complex Emotional Transformation Therapy. So that as practitioners our student graduates can specifically tailor treatments to ensure each individual client's positive transformation, empowerment and long-term psychological well-being. Whilst many traditional psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and counselling approaches still rely on dated problem based techniques and approaches, the ICCHP promotes the most modern solution based approaches that are supported by the latest scientific research, practice based evidence and clinical expertise - Rapid transformational hypnotherapy is just one approach among those techniques. 



Our Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Approach

The ICCHP, promotes an integrative rapid trasformational approach to client/patient treatment, combining The ICCHP teaches the most advanced integrative rapid transformational hypnotherapy approaches available today, along with important therapeutic skills based upon Complex Emotional Transformation Therapy. REBT, CBT with many other hypnotherapeutic approaches and refers to this combined approach as Integrative Evidence Based Hypnotherapy. ICCHP students studying will receive training in more than just the standard, single rapid transformational hypnotherapy approach. All of our approaches are rapid change approaches. Want to know what our students say about our courses? Read our Hypnotherapy Student Testimonials and you will know that we provide the most comprehensive range of hypnotharapy and hypnosis training courses available anywhere.



The ICCHP team of hypnotherapy teachers and key advisors is made up of the most skilled clinical practitioners from a variety of backgrounds (psychiatrists, psychologists, medical practitioners, counsellors, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, etc.) with experience teaching clinical hypnosis in medical schools. We do not just have one expert person promoting and teaching just a single approach to hypnotherapy. If you are planning on investing your time and money on any rapid transformational hypnotherapy course, then you can try our course free in the first instance and be assured of our quality, backed up with hypnotherapy expertise and a money back guarantee.



Clients are all different, a hypnotherapist may have ten clients present with insomnia, a highly trained integrative therapist, after making a precise therapeutic assessment, may treat each one of these ten clients differently, thereby tailoring the correct combination of approaches and therapeutic interventions to ensure success with each client. Learning a single approach and using this same approach with every client, may achieve success with some clients, but not with all. Therapists who use a single approach, whether appropriate or not, are limited and it indicates a poorly trained therapist. Many therapeutic hypnosis approaches are not suitable for all clients and using a single approach with all clients demonstrates the therapist's lack of flexibility, forcing each client to fit into the therapeutic model and framework that the therapist uses (square peck in round hole approach). An integrative therapist will be trained in a number of different approaches, having the flexibility to combine these to suit each client's differing needs.

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