(Based on Spiegel's Hypnotic Induction Profile - HIP is demonstrated in above video by David Spiegel)

The eye-roll induction is a component of the HIP (Spiegel 1974). Developed by Herbert and David Spiegel, the HIP is a hypnotisability test that takes about five or ten minutes to carry out. There are ten items in the test, but the three major components are:

  • Biological measurement - the eye-roll induction

  • Ideo-motor measurement - the arm levitation

  • Subjective capacity experience - during the arm levitation, this is the client’s subjective experience of the difference – in terms of sensation and degree of control – between the levitated arm and the other one.

Important Contraindications:

Do not use if your client has eye problems, or if your client wears contact lenses.

Induction Script

“… look towards me … and with your head remaining level … look up towards your

eyebrows …”

Pause for five seconds.

“… now look up towards the top of your head …”

Pause for five seconds.

“… as you continue to look upward … close your eyelids slowly … that’s right … close …

close … close … keep your eyelids closed and continue to look up …”

Pause for five seconds.

. “… take a deep breath and hold it …”

Wait for your client to take a breath.

“… hold … hold … hold … now, with your eyelids remaining closed, breathe out and let your eyes relax … let your eyes relax … and allow your body to sink more and more comfortably into the chair …”

Now proceed to deepen the trance.


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