Vogt’s Fractionation Method

  • This method of inducing and deepening a trance was first described by a German hypnotist called Oskar Vogt (1895). His name, in case you are wondering, is pronounced ‘faug-t’, with the first syllable rhyming with ‘rogue’.

  • Fractionation is a very informal and permissive way of guiding someone into trance, and it is especially good with those who are nervous of hypnosis.

  • One of its benefits is that it builds the client’s sensitivity to the depth of their trance.

  • Using this method, you repeatedly hypnotise and awaken your client, and they go a little deeper into trance each time.

  • Every time you awaken your client, ask them to tell you about the thoughts, feelings and physical sensations they had.

  • Then repeat back all those pleasant experiences to take your client back into trance, at the same time giving the suggestion that they are becoming twice as deeply relaxed.

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