It is important to distinguish between the terms post hypnotic induction and post hypnotic suggestion.

  • A post-hypnotic induction is when you make a post hypnotic suggestion to the client in trance that suggests they will easily go in to trance at a later time or in their next treatment session.

  • A post hypnotic suggestion is a suggestion you give to the client during trance that you want the client to perform outside of trance; sometime after they have been brought out of trance (the treatment).

How it is applied:

  • While your client is hypnotised, suggest that when they next visit you they will resume their trance at a given signal, a finger snap for example.

An example script:

  • First induce as deep a trance as possible.

  • Then give the following suggestions:

"… and I will wake you in a few moments’ time … and when you are awake … we will talk for a little while … then you will hear me click my fingers like this … "

Click your fingers

“… and when you hear me click my fingers like this …”

Click your fingers

“… your eyes will close … and you will go back into this deep state of relaxation … this deep sleep … and you will be just as deeply relaxed … just as deeply asleep … as you are now … but you will only respond to this signal here … in this room … sitting in that chair … and you will never respond to this signal from anyone else … only to me … and only in this room … sitting in that chair …”

  • Awaken your client in the usual way, and talk to them for a short while before asking if they are ready to resume the trance.

  • When they say they are, click your fingers.

  • It is important to test the suggestion like this at least once before the end of the session.


  • If your client finds the clicking of fingers threatening, use a suitable cue word such as ‘sleep’.

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