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Authoritarian inductions can be split into four main types:

  • Eye to eye inductions

These are when you have the client look directly into one of your eyes.

Some clients will have preconceptions about hypnosis and may expect and respond to this type of induction.

  • Fixed spot inductions

Are when the client fixes their eyes on a single, static point, such as the back of their hand or a spot on the wall.

  • Moving spot inductions

Are similar to those above, but the client’s eyes are fixed on a point that moves, often rhythmically, such as a swinging pendulum, rotating wheel, moving finger or flickering light (although not if the client is epileptic).

  • Miscellaneous inductions

These are other inductions that use direct suggestions, including the hand-clasp technique.

Authoritarian Inductions are always delivered in a quick authoritarian voice and the practitioner stands up when delivering these.

  • The practitioner can sit down after the client has closed their eyes and entered a light trance.

  • When using authoritarian inductions the practitioner gives direct commands and instructions/suggestions to 'close your eyes' and to 'sleep', which are always used with authoritarian approaches.

  • Repetition of the word “sleep” narrows the client’s focus of attention down to one idea.

  • The practitioner also uses words such as you 'will' as opposed to you 'can' or 'may', which are more permissive in approach.


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