• The purpose of an induction is to achieve eye closure in the client.

  • Once the client closes their eyes you can begin to deepen the level of trance.

  • When inducing trance it is important to use all modalities/senses:

Visual - for example, 'see the arm lifting'

Auditory - 'listen to the sound of my voice'

Tactile (kin-aesthetic) - 'feel your arm lifting'

  • Inductions can be delivered in any of the following ways or in combination:




  • The induction you select and modalities used will depend on your assessment of the individual in terms of whether they are kinaesthetic, visual and/or auditory and whether they will respond better to a permissive or authoritarian delivery. Also, suggestions should be given depending on their preferred response - physical or emotional.

  • Many of the reasons why some individuals cannot be hypnotised is down to the hypnotist not making an accurate assessment of the individual being hypnotised and delivering the wrong type of suggestions for the individual. Hypnotic inductions have to be customised and tailored to each individual in order to be most effective.

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