This is a demonstration of a complete therapeutic hypnosis session using an Eye Fixation on Hand Induction, with Favourite Place of Relaxation deepening process and the Full Ego Boosting process.

This allows you to see how a complete hypnotic process is put together. It is for demonstration purposes only and you should not use this on anyone, as it is a generic demonstration and may cause contraindications if used on someone.

Ego boosting needs to be tailored to the client’s goals and a generic approach is not an effective process. On the ICCHP diploma course you are taught many different ego boosting approaches that can be used effectively with different types of clients with different needs. Hypnosis practitioners using generic scripts tend to be poorly trained and ineffective in helping clients.

You will be learning about hypnotic inductions and trance deepening processes in subsequent lessons and how to use these with a variety of different types of clients.

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