A post hypnotic suggestion is a suggestion you give to the client during the hypnotic experience that you want the client to perform outside of the hypnotic experience; sometime after they have been brought out of hypnotic state. The post hypnotic suggestions are usually part of the therapeutic intervention.

  • Post-hypnotic suggestions are given while your client is in trance in order to affect their behaviour out of trance.

  • These suggestions are perhaps the most important tool that clinical hypnotherapists have at their disposal.

  • You will learn more about these in the ICCHP course modules; and how to deliver post hypnotic suggestions in a therapeutic context.

The purpose of post hypnotic suggestions are to:

  • Eliminate unwanted thoughts, feelings, behaviours - Suggestions for stopping behaviour should always be positive rather than negative; that is, they should focus on what is to be done rather than what is not to be done. So instead of ‘stop smoking’, you suggest ‘become a non-smoker’.

  • Installing a new, desirable thought, feeling, behaviour - Suggestions for installing new behaviour should also be positive. They should focus on what your client wants to achieve.

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