6 stage

It is recognised that there are six distinct stages to a hypnotherapy session.

  • Introduction

  • Induction

  • Deepening

  • Therapeutic Intervention

  • Awakening

  • Homework/Practice

Each stage has an important part to play in the overall process of a hypnotherapy session.

Within each stage there are a number of things that are done to ensure a smooth and effective delivery of the process.

The Introduction is where:

  • you build rapport with your client.

  • answer their questions about hypnosis.

  • find out what they want to achieve and explore goals.

  • it is also good ethical practice to take a client case history and build a picture up of the client and their issue, so you have adequate information to tailor the therapy to the individual client.

The Induction is the technique used to induce the trance.

  • The goal here is simply to get the client’s eyes closed so they are prepared to experience trance deepening.

Deepening is how you help your client achieve a deep enough trance for the work you plan to do.

  • Some work may require a light trance and some may require deeper levels of trance.

The Therapeutic Intervention is the therapy, where you deliver the post-hypnotic suggestions to the client in the trance state.

  • This is what helps the client to achieve the outcome they desire from hypnotherapy.

Awakening is when you prepare and safely awaken your client, removing all suggestions that are no longer required – such as heavy eyelids, etc.

Homework or Practice is the final stage.

  • It is required in order for your client to reinforce the work that was done in the therapy.

  • You may give your client tasks such as self-hypnosis to carry out between sessions.


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