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  • Psycho-dynamic Hypnotherapy integrates hypnosis with the practice of psycho dynamic psycho-therapeutic approaches.

  • These psycho-dynamic approaches focus on maladaptive functioning within the subconscious, believed to be caused by childhood developmental related issues.

  • These subconscious conflicts are seen as the cause of symptoms and are addressed by therapeutic intervention through techniques such as regression, free association, recognizing resistance and transference, working through painful memories and difficult issues, catharsis, and building a strong therapeutic alliance.

  • Psychoanalytical hypnotherapy integrates hypnosis with the practice of Freudian psychoanalytical psycho-therapeutic approaches similar to those mentioned above.

  • These approaches are supported by the concepts associated with Freudian psychology.

  • Psycho-dynamic hypnotherapy approaches are a much briefer therapy than traditional long term psychoanalytical approaches.

  • Modern psycho-dynamic hypnotherapy uses techniques/processes, such as parts and staged dissociation psychotherapeutic interventions which are more ethical and safer than old fashioned problem based interventions, which do not have any solid evidence base to support their use, yet many dated practitioners are still using these out-dated interventions, such as problem based regression.

  • Modern, dynamic, positive psychotherapy approaches are much more empowering, safer and more ethical than the old fashioned analytical interventions. They are useful to help clients gain insight to their problem, but more importantly to gain insight into other possible solutions and the inner resources available to the client, which will help them achieve their preferred outcomes.

  • The ICCHP training takes a solution focused approach to psycho-dynamic and psychoanalytical hypnotherapy.

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