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The hypnotic state and therapeutic change are created by giving suggestions to the client. Many types of suggestions can be given for many different desired responses, either to create the hypnotic state, or to create therapeutic change within the client. These suggestions can be applied at any stage of the therapeutic session and there are many ways to deliver these suggestions. in addition, we can apply the Laws of Suggestion to help create the responses that are required.

There are three main recognised laws of hypnotic suggestion, these are:

  • The Law of Concentrated Attention - Concentrating your attention on an idea will lead to it spontaneously realising itself.

  • The Law of Reversed Effect - The harder you consciously try to do something that is governed by the unconscious, the more difficult it becomes.

  • The Law of Dominant Effect - A stronger emotion will always replace a weaker one.

These are important concepts that are deployed and used in hypnosis and different hypnotherapy approaches.

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