This is a demonstration of hypnotherapy training, teaching self hypnosis. This is part of the ICCHP hypnotherapy course.

The practice of self hypnosis brings numerous benefits and is an important part of being a hypnotherapist; it should, in some form, become a daily practice in your own personal life.In addition, in the professional setting, it will form part of your therapeutic intervention with patients; you will need to teach some of your patients how to practice self hypnosis themselves.

There are a number of reasons why we as hypnotherapists should practice it regularly, but also why it will form part of your patient's hypnotherapy training.

•Like the practice of meditation or other relaxation techniques, self hypnosis allows you to relax your body free of stress.

•It relaxes and calms your mind and also helps to maintain a clear and focused mind.

•This in turn gives you more control over your thinking, more control over the way you behave and interact with others.

•This control in turn will promote and support a more confident mind and person.•It will train your mind to focus and concentrate.

•As you practice on a regular basis this develops into a virtuous circle.

•As you become more relaxed, clear thinking in control and confident, you become even more relaxed about yourself and clear in your mind.

•It alters your being and puts you in tune with yourself and the natural energy of existence.

•So, you can see that self hypnosis is a means to: reduce stress.clear the mind of negative thoughts.focus the mind on solutions.Improve concentration.improve personal interaction with others.give control over many aspects of one's life.create and support confidence.

•It can be a therapy on its own or form part of a planned therapeutic intervention witha patient. It can set a patient up for future therapy. You may give the patient therapeutic things to do when they do their self hypnosis.

There are many self hypnosis books and internet resources available. It is suggested that students explore and experiment with different approaches to self hypnosis, so that they can find what works best for them and their patients, should they become therapists.


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