Integrated Performance Coach (IPE Cert) Practitioner Course

Integrated Performance Coach (IPE Cert) Practitioner Course

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Train as an Integrative Performance Enhancement (IPE) Practitioner


This course appeals to three types of individuals: those interested in their own self development; those wanting to establish a lucrative career as a performance enhancement practitioner; and those individuals who currently work to improve the performance and well-being of others, such as personal trainers, coaches, mentors, clinical and non-clinical therapists, holistic practitioners, educators, etc.

Many people have limited or no knowledge and understanding of performance based mind management. This course is focused on teaching how to develop and maintain performance based thinking, through effective mind management techniques that can be put into practice by anyone. Many people suffer from limiting beliefs, unhelpful thinking patterns and problem based mental focusing, which restricts and prevents future success and can lead to psychological disturbance, like anxiety, lack of focus, concentration, motivation and energy. Through tried and tested, research backed therapeutic mind management techniques, these obstacles to enhanced performance can be overcome, leading an individual to improve their rate of success, to be able to increase and achieve higher potential, to be more confident and in control, to reduce psychological disturbance and generally experience a greater feeling of physical and mental well-being.

The ICCHP has been teaching modern, dynamic mind body therapeutic courses for many years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience, training thousands of individuals, from all walks of life, to transform and enhance their own lives and the lives of others. Learning to be an Integrative Performance Enhancement (IPE) Practitioner will change your life and those you choose to help. On this course you will learn how to most effectively integrate the best mind management concepts and techniques used in the practice of mindfulness, psychotherapy, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), performance coaching and mind body therapeutics.

The integrated teaching of mind management, performance enhancement and stress reduction provides a broad based and comprehensive approach to personal development. Stress and anxiety hinder effective performance, therefore it is critical for one to learn how to effectively manage stress and anxiety, in order to improve well-being and achieve desired levels of performance. No other course offers such a broad based integrative mind management approach to performance enhancement. The ICCHP designed this course to be unique, taking into account a wealth of knowledge and experience, along with feedback provided from thousands of students over many years. We guarantee that you won't find a similar course anywhere.

The course is taught online, in addition to all of the theoretical concepts and principles, students are presented with demonstrations and the practice of techniques and their application. The on-line course, which students have a lifetime access to, it includes all practice based notes and video demonstrations, theoretical background notes and additional learning and practice resources, along with interactive discussion and support forums.

The online course makes up a complete programme of learning, leading to a Practitioner Certificate in Integrative Performance Enhancement (IPECert). Successful completion of this course provides you with enough training which will allow you to begin practising as a Performance Enhancement Practitioner. You will be eligible to use the IPECert letters after your name and embark on an independent career in performance enhancement. Graduates are also eligible to apply their learning from this course and continue with further study of mind management or hypno-psychotherapy.



Online Practical Training: 42 Hours

Independent Study Hours: 90



Understanding the Human Mind

Stress Response Physiology

Performance Conditioning

Client Assessment & Case Strategy Planning

Client Interaction

Effective & Persuasive Communications

Improving Confidence, Assertiveness & Self-Acceptance

Effective Mindfulness Techniques

Improving Memory, Concentration, Focus & Enhance Learning

Controlling Unhelpful Thinking, Restrictive Feelings & Unhelpful Habits

Problem Solving & Solution Focussing

Motivation Strengthening

Promoting Natural Self-Healing

Performance Anxiety Reduction & Management (public speaking, presentations, etc.)

The Inner Mind Coach Technique

Performance Enhancement Techniques

Business Performance

Sports Performance

Creative Use of Sleep & Dreams

Weight Control

Event Information

Event Date 12-01-2023
Individual Price 495.00
Location Online Hypnotherapy Training and Online Hypnotherapy Courses