Ever listened to a hypnosis or meditation track that sounded terrible?

Have you ever tried to record your own voice but been disappointed with the result?

We all know what a professionally recorded audio track sounds like, but is it possible without expensive training and even more expensive equipment?

The answer is a resounding yes. In just a few hours you can learn how to make recordings that will demonstrate your commitment to providing an exceptional service to your clients. You do not need to be technically minded to learn these techniques. We will provide you with a work-flow, software know-how and enough understanding to produce professional recordings every time.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this one day class you have the confidence and skills to produce and publish a professional vocal track for your clients or for public sale on the internet

  • Understand microphones and feel confident buying one

  • Find out and avoid the 5 key mistakes therapists make when recording

  • Learn how to use your mobile phone to record audio anywhere

  • Practice professional microphone speaking skills

  • Transfer audio files from your phone to a computer

  • Download a free professional audio editing program

  • Learn to edit and export audio

    • Remove background hiss

    • Remove unwanted sounds (coughing or paper rustling)

    • Top and tail your recording

    • Add some background music

    • Save your project and export an mp3

  • Adding a cover and tags to your mp3 file for public use

  • How to publish online or send to a client using a messenger

What you need

In order to record audio you will need a mobile phone. We will use a voice recorder that won the Editor's Choice award in Google Play Store and is available for Android and iOS. Getting the pro version will remove adverts and we would recommend this for the class.

  • A mobile phone

  • Easy Voice Recorder software: Android / Android, Pro edition(£3.50) / iOS

  • You will need a laptop to get the best experience from this class but it is possible to follow the examples on the classroom projector and revisit the material when you get home using online instructions

What you do not need

  • You do not need any experience

  • You do not need to be technically minded or computer savvy

  • You do not need to own or buy a microphone

  • You do not need to purchase software

About the trainer

Joel Marks PDHyp, qualified as a therapist with ICCHP in 2017, but he started his career in the music industry as a producer working at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool and was employed as a music technology teacher at BTEC level. Joel currently uses this experience in a variety of therapeutic, coaching and training roles.

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