• There are a number of ways to deepen a client’s level of trance.

  • With some therapeutic interventions an alert state is required, sometimes a light trance state is needed, but then there are other interventions which require a deeper level of trance to be achieved.

  • Direct suggestion hypnosis tends to require deeper trance levels.

  • Some of the deepening processes used are countdown techniques, where you count the patient down say from ten to one, or you count down in 3s say from 100, or even give the client the job to count themselves down.

  • You can replace the numbers with steps or floors going down in a lift for example.

  • Other deepening processes take clients on a journey somewhere, say a walk through a garden, park or any other type of journey.

  • A journey to their favourite place of relaxation, maybe on a beach or fishing.

  • It all depends on what the client’s likes and dislikes are.

  • You wouldn't suggest a beach to someone who doesn't like sun, sea and sand.

  • Nor would you want to take someone through a park or garden on a nice spring or summer day if they suffer from hay fever.

  • So you have to give the deepening process some thought.

  • You can easily break rapport and trance if you get it wrong.

Deepening techniques can be combined to reinforce the deepening, or prepare the client for specific post hypnotic suggestions or therapeutic interventions, such as age regression.

Combined & Other Trance Deepening Processes

Preparing for Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

  • You can use a combined deepening processes to put your client into the right frame of mind for responding to suggestions that you intend them to carry out after the session.

  • You can combine any number of deepening techniques, such as the ten to one and the NOWwww Cue Technique.

The Early Learning Set (ELS)

  • The ELS is an Erickson approach to deepening trance and setting up a client for the therapy.

  • It can be used with almost every patient.

  • It provides double deepening by including a 10 to 1 countdown deepening and also the NOWwww... cue deepening.

  • It also establishes comfort and safety zones for protecting the client as it promotes regression.

  • If you require deep trance work, then the Early Learning Set (ELS) is a perfect choice.

  • Any regression techniques should be used in combination with the ELS.

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